Solid state group


Solid state group:

Solid state theory:

In the field of simulation, magnetic material of theoretical nano-physics, DFT, and related subjects, many activities are underway at the undergraduate and Ph.D. levels.

Faculty members active in this field include Dr. Faramarz Khanouri (assistant professor), Dr. Mohammad Bagher Fathi (assistant professor), Dr. Fahimeh Karimipour (assistant professor), Dr. Khalkhali (assistant professor), and Dr. Ali Esfandiar (assistant professor).

    Applied Solid state

The Faculty of Physics has two research laboratories in the field, one of which has a very advanced layout device that is unmatched in the Middle East. In these laboratories, different types of solids, especially in the field of new energies such as solar cells, optical and electrical properties of thin films and related subjects, are carried out.

The faculty members are Dr. Mohammad Esmaeil Azim Araghi (Professor) and Dr Nima Arjomandi (assistant professor).